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Neuroport Animation: Tumor Removal Via Port Suction

Neuroport Medical Animation

This 3D animation shows how NeuroPort, a medical device, helps in removing brain tumor, with minimal trauma to the patient.  At Trinsic we believe that a truly great medical animation begins by understanding what and where your key message needs to be so that it can be presented with scientific accuracy and creative beauty.
This animation describe the technique to remove tumors beneath the surface of the brain, using a small clear tube, referred to as a brainport.
A small incision of the scalp is made, and opening in the bone about  the size of the quarter is created.  The brain consistence is like a sponge, with multiple fibers with in it.  Using a needle and a dilator, the tube is then placed at the base of the tumor, using the difference in the pressure to create a vacuum effect.
This allows the tube to be moved and rolled while tumor is being pushed in by the pressure of the outside directly into the tube. Using two instruments a suction and scissors, the tumor can be removed through the brainport.
Once the tumor is removed, the port can now be removed from the brain, minimizing disruption. The lining around the brain is now closed and bone is put back. This technique allows the patient to recover with minimal trauma.