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Neurosurgery Animation - Endoscopic Endonasal Aproach

EEA Medical Animation


This medical animation video by Trinsic for St. Johns visualizes in 3D how EEA surgery is performed.  
The 3D medical animation shows how the endoscope passes through the nose and the brain tumor removed without the need of facial or scalp incisions while minimizing brain or nerve manipulation.


The surgery begins with the endoscope or the telescope being passed into the nose, then a small bone opening is created using a drill. This provides direct access to the lining around the brain from where the tumor originated.

The lining is opened, so that the surgeon has immediate access to the tumor without the need for brain retraction.

The tumor is surrounded by several critical structures, the optic nerves above the tumor are being compressed causing visual loss.  The pituitary gland is also being compressed, and the carotid arteries  are being pushed aside.

The lining of the tumor is opened using sharp dissection with suction and scissors. The tumor is then removed from the inside out using a two suctioned technique.

By working through the nostrils without facial or scalp incision EEA allows surgeons to remove tumors while minimizing brain or nerve manipulation. Potential advantages of this approach are less pain, and improved recovery and outcomes.

Once the tumor is thin-enough the remaining capsule is then separated from critical structures.

Following the removal of the tumor the covering of the brain and the skull base opening are repaired and the telescope is removed.

St. Johns surgeons have one of the worlds largest EEA surgical experiences spanning two decades and two thousand cases.

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