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Vilex MiniRails Medical Animation

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Vilex mini rails are external fixators used in hand and foot surgeries .They are ideal for revision of a failed surgery for example mal or non-union distraction of an impacted joint or bone lengthening using ocio genesis to name a few.

In this procedure we will demonstrate the use of a vilex mini rails to lengthening the first meditorcial. 

The first step is to decide the size of the rails in half pins and the position of the half pin, we prepare the selected rails by losing the stationary carriage and repositioning the traveling carriage mid way along the rail, slightly losing the locking screw for easier insertion of the half pins to the clamp opening. 

It’s advisable to insert the half pins before making the ocio tamy with the surgical pen mark the desired location for the 2 half pins, one on each side of the proposed ocio tamy. The pin should be about 25mm apart, established the location of the ocio tamy make sure the 2 distal pins avoid the medial head while the proximal pins can capture the second mid even the first geneva form.