Trinsic Animation is a full featured medical animation studio that specializes in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device animations.


Medical Marketing Solutions - About Trinsic Animation


At Trinsic Animation, we are dedicated to bringing beauty and clarity to concepts that can be a challenge to explain. Located in Northern California our producers and artists will bring your concept to life in ways you might not think possible. We are always excited to discuss your project and to see if we can make it a success. Please feel free to give us a call and see if our Medical marketing solutions will work for you.

Our process is really quite simple: It begins with a complete understanding of what your project is trying to achieve and the science behind it. In short, if we don’t understand your MOA we can’t bring it to life. We submerge ourselves in the visuals and ideas of your concept so we can keep it on track as production progresses.


Stephanie Endsley, EMT, BFA - Co-Founder

Stephanie is one of those dyed in the wool artists. As your project manager she will put her eye for design and her love of the medical world to good use. Formally trained as a designer and an EMT, she has the right balance of know-how and elegance to make your animation stand out. 

Steve Shane, EMT, BFA - Co-Founder

Steve is our dedicated problem solver - the magician of the office. Technically proficient, formally trained as an EMT and a digital artist, these multiple skills converge to complement his role as your project manager. Seemingly effortlessly, he’ll ensure your project runs smoothly and deliver your animation on time.

Plus our fine team of 3D animators.

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