Trinsic Animation is a full featured medical animation studio that specializes in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device animations.



DENNIS POWERS - Producer/Director, Lone Peak Productions


JAMES A. SHIFFER, RPh, CCP - Medical Director, CE Health Interactive

Please allow me to take a minute of your time to express our groups' extreme satisfaction with the work your organization recently performed for us. We are very pleased with the outcome of the two animations, specifically the 'Basics of The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Coagulation Cascades' and 'Mechanism of Action of Oral Anticoagulants'. As you may recall, these two animated segments were part of a larger program our group created titled 'Anticoagulants and teh Bleeding Cascade: A Mechanistic Guide to Current and Emerging Anticoagulants, and the Appropriate Use of Reversal Agents'.
The animations were well recieved by our client and proved invaluable in setting the stage for the remainder of our Continuing Education program. I would be remiss, however, if I did not thank you personally for your insights and input during the development of the animations. You made several suggestions throughout the development process which improved the content without affecting our overall budget. We appreciate your 'outside the box' thinking and conscious approach to our internal budgets. We couldn't have made such a successful program without you and the talented professionals at Trinsic Animation!!
Thank you again and I look forward to working again with you in the very near future. If anyone wishes to contact me directly to discuss my experience with Trinsic, they can email me at JimS128 at comcast dot net.

ANDREW STANGER - President, GenR Media

Trinsic is a great resource when it comes to medical animation. From taking a client's concepts and making them into something real, to developing captivating visuals, and most importantly staying on-time and on-budget, their work is impeccable. An excellent team to work with and the proof is in the great feedback we received on our programs. I am happy to be contacted if you would like to talk to me about my work experience with Stephanie and her team: astanger at genrmedia dot com 

JEFFREE ITRICH - Sr. Clinical Trials Communications & Recruitment Specialist, UC San Diego
This year our research group at UC San Diego hired Steve Shane at Trinsic to create an animated video explaining the science behind our Nerve Growth Factor study for Alzheimer's disease. It was not an easy topic to address; in fact it was quite complicated. During our first phone call with Steve he explained how the process would occur and his experience producing similar videos. Over the course of the summer we met with Steve via phone and online meetings dozens of times working out the illustrations, pinpoint locations of disease modules, script, transitions, voice over and background music. Steve went to great lengths to make sure we were satisfied with each step before we proceeded to the next one. What worked best about the project can be said in one word: Steve. He understood our goals and what we were trying to achieve with the video. He accomplished it beyond our expectations. Everyone who have seen the final version have complimented us on producing an outstanding video. Even though we guided Steve along the way it was he who should be complimented and credited. We are especially grateful to Steve for both simplifying the process and working around our demanding schedules. I believe that anyone who hires Steve will be more than satisfied with the result as well as the process.
If anyone would like to contact me for more specific information on working with Steve Shane feel free to email me at: jitrich at ucsd dot edu.

LAUREN HURST - Marketing Communications Specialist, ViaCord, PerkinElmer  
We had a blast working with the Trinsic team on our medical animation video! Every item was updated in a timely manner and the quality on the project was fantastic. Trinsic gave great feedback and suggestions on how to optimize the animation. The end result was a phenomenal video and a great sales tool. We have already seen success stories from its use with our customers. We can’t thank Trinsic enough for helping our vision become a reality!  

ANDREW SHEPHERD - Vice President of Marketing, Titan Spine 
I evaluated virtually every medical animation company before selecting Trinsic for our project. The content of our animation is very complex and takes place at the cellular level. Therefore, it was very important for me to find a company that could bring the material to life in a way that was both visually appealing and that our customers could easily grasp. Of equal importance, I wanted to work with an organization that would be efficient, enjoyable, and could meet our tight deadline. Trinsic exceeded my expectations in every regard. The animation is stunning and is being very well received in the spinal implant community. Stephanie and the rest of her staff expertly managed the project by keeping me on task, quickly and effectively responding to my modification suggestions, and working tirelessly to complete the project on time. I would recommend Trinsic to anyone and would be happy to share my experiences in greater detail. ashepherd at titanspine dot com  

SHONE BROADNAX - Attorney At Law, Broadnax & Martin, P.C.
Just wanted to let you know that I obtained a 1. 3 million jury verdict fri 3/29/13 on the eye injury case. The eye animation really helped the jury and the judge understand the interior aspect of my client's eye injury. The judge called my office afterwards and said he had never seen any medical animations done like that before. Thanks for your help.

PETER P. CARNEGIE - CEO, Minimally Invasive Solutions Consulting
I started to work with Stephanie at Trinsic over a year ago. One of my surgeons had come up with a great idea about using narrated animated movies to illustrate robotic procedures at the patient level. In all, there were 4 animations I needed to illustrate - robotic thoracic and intracardiac surgery.
First of all, their creative process of developing the animation from an idea to reality was an exact science: methodical, precise down to the word and down to the second, very interactive, and customer focused. Stephanie listened intently to everything that I asked them to do. At each step of the way, if they had a better idea or if they encountered a problem with something that I had not considered, they called me and provided picture or video evidence of the problem. In every circumstance where they found a problem, they recommended a solution that was far better than I had imagined.
Most importantly throughout the process, they saved money for MIS in that they caught scene flow errors of inefficiencies or errors in the change from one perspective to another long before they started rendering. As a result, they saved months of extra work.
Trinsic is a pleasure to work with. I travel extensively. They would adjust their schedules, sometimes at the last minute, to accomodate my schedule.
The finished product was better than I had imagined. Feedback from the surgeons who comprise my board of advisors and who use the animations to educate their patients have been overwhelmingly positive. I can honestly say that these are the best robotic cardiothoracic surgery animations that I have ever seen.
I highly recommend Trinsic as your animation studio of choice. You will be very impressed with the process, the people and the finished product. I am open to responding to questions regarding my experience with Trinsic: PeterC at MISolutionsLLC dot com.