Trinsic Animation is a full featured medical animation studio that specializes in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device animations.


Medical Animation

Parkinson’s Disease affects millions of people worldwide. The main symptoms are caused by degeneration of brain cell that control movement. Read more

CorMatrix ECM Technology is a unique extracellular matrix that combines the innate attributes of nature with the precision of science to help the heart heal itself.

It is an acellular biomaterial that does not encapsulate when surgically implanted, but is gradually remodeled, leaving behind organized and healthy tissue.

The body’s tissue begins remodeling at the surgical site while the ECM maintains the needed tissue support. Read more

This 3D medical rendition shows keratin proteins that repair and seal from cuticle to core and provide an infusion of moisture for softness and shine.

The medical animation shows how the keratin proteins penetrate into the cortex, repair the cuticle and protect the surface to prevent further damage. Read more

The Nerve Growth Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease Study Alzheimer’s Disease affects millions of people worldwide, the main symptoms are caused by the degeneration of brain cells that control memory and thinking.

These cells are originated in the nucleus pulposus and communicate with the hippocampus and cerebral cortex.

As these cells to degenerate they lose their ability to produce acidic alkaline and communicate with other cells, current medicines improve Alzheimer’s symptoms for several years, but become ineffective as the disease progresses.

An experiment with bio pharmaceutical drug called CERE-110 has been tested in over 35 people with Alzheimer’s disease. CERE-110 is intended to restore damaged cholinergic cells and protect them from further degeneration.  Read more

Vilex mini rails are external fixators used in hand and foot surgeries .They are ideal for revision of a failed surgery for example mal or non-union distraction of an impacted joint or bone lengthening using ocio genesis to name a few. Read more

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