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ColoAd1 is an oncolytic vaccine developed using the power of natural selection. A large randomly created chimeric adenovirus library was first subjected to multiple rounds of directed selection using cancer cells. The viruses that most potently killed cancer cells were then screened against a panel of normal non-cancer cells to see which of the cancer killing viruses had also lost the ability to replicate in their natural environment. ColoAd1 is the lead virus from this process and represents a unique cancer vaccine with optimal anti-cancer properties and a very high therapeutic index,... &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Read more »</b>


The term "suspended animation" means to put life on hold. In the medical field, time is the critical and sometimes fatal factor: Time to reach treatment, get oxygen, to stop the bleeding, treat severe injuries, to save heart muscle and brain function. Suspended animation is the medical equivalent to a pause button. The process in which a patient is put into a state of suspension require the lowering of the body temperature to attain hypothermia and to replace the body's blood with a fluid called perfluorochemical. This animation describes the function of... &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Read more »</b>

CorMatrix ECM Technology is a unique extracellular matrix that combines the innate attributes of nature with the precision of science to help the heart heal itself. It is an acellular biomaterial that does not encapsulate when surgically implanted, but is gradually remodeled, leaving behind organized and healthy tissue. The body’s tissue begins remodeling at the surgical site while the ECM maintains the needed tissue support.

When implanted, the ECM acts as a scaffold into which the patient’s cells migrate and integrate, stimulating the patient’s natural wound-healing mechanisms. As... &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Read more »</b>

The Nerve Growth Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease Study
Alzheimer’s Disease affects millions of people worldwide, the main symptoms are caused by the degeneration of brain cells that control memory and thinking. These cells are originated in the nucleus pulposus and communicate with the hippocampus and cerebral cortex. As these cells to degenerate they lose their ability to produce acidic alkaline and communicate with other cells, current medicines improve Alzheimer’s symptoms for... &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Read more »</b>
This 3D animation shows how NeuroPort, a medical device, helps in removing brain tumor, with minimal trauma to the patient.  At Trinsic we believe that a truly great medical animation begins by understanding what and where your key message needs to be so that it can be presented with scientific accuracy and creative beauty.
This animation describe the technique to remove tumors beneath the surface of the brain, using a small clear tube, referred to as a brainport.
In this 3D Medical animation, we show how GSLT2 inhibitor blocks GSLT to prevent GLU from escaping into the blood stream or how treatment of diabetic kidney condition works.  At Trinsic we strive to simplify what otherwise would be difficult to explain without 3D medical animation.
Diabetic kidney disease is a complication that occurs in some people with diabetes. It can progress to kidney failure in some cases. Treatment aims to prevent or delay the progression of the disease. Also, it aims to... &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Read more »</b>


This medical animation shows a hypothetical situation, where a substance travels from a persons legs into the lungs and blocks it, causing what is known as Pulmonary embolism.  At Trinsic we work with you to identify key points and how to best visualize them so your animation is truly memorable.


Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a blockage of the main artery of the lung or one of its branches by a substance that has travelled from elsewhere in the body through the bloodstream (embolism).

PE most commonly results from deep vein thrombosis (a... &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Read more »</b>

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